Fleur de lis Florist; fresh flowers and cards


At Fleur de lis Florist we share a desire for refined design, culture, modern aesthetic and most importantly, quality and service. Connie Rigas and Danielle Wisdom have joined have joined forces to shape Fleur de lis Florist's perfect team. Our team prides itself on keeping up with today's latest floral design and color trends.

For the past 30 years, Connie has been present in the art and design culture of Chicago. From a successful career in the fashion industry to designing innovative window displays for Oak Street boutiques her experience brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to Fleur de lis.

Danielle, our head floral designer, approaches flowers from a graphic arts background. Her BA in visual communications combined with over eleven years in the floral industry make her a unique asset to the Fleur de lis creative team.

Together we work our magic in a one of a kind space that we are happy to call our own. Located in the Gallery district of Chicago's River North neighborhood, we have settled in and are anxious to watch our roots grow. Stop by and check out our century old coach house – the space just says Fleur de lis Florist.